Flex Form Korea
Flex Form Korea

Operations in Cheonan and Jeonju, South Korea

FlexForm Technologies – Korea Overview

FlexFormKorea is specialized material company that move toward as following;

An eco-friendly fiber-reinforced composite board with only organic & natural fibers.

An outstanding functionality through various design and multi-layers structure.

A tailored to customer in vehicles and construction fields.

A top priority to quality through automated manufacturing system.

A global material to Asia, North America, Europe, Asia, etc.

Eco Friendly

FlexForm Technologies – Korea Non-Woven Lines

Four lines to produce multi-layered materials

Bale Breakers



Trimming and Roll Goods

FlexForm Technologies – Korea three continuous belt

Lines for heating and compressing non-woven materials

Belt Line

Unwind and Oven

Belt Line

Cutting and Stacking